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A Ready – made feasibility study

A Ready – made feasibility study

The field of feasibility studies is one of the most important areas for entrepreneurs as it does no work except by preparing a comprehensive feasibility study for it in all stages from the idea of the project to dealing with customers. A feasibility study is the tool that enables you to make economic decisions based on the investment climate and is your guide to finding out how useful your project idea is and what alternatives are most suitable for you. Because of its importance and the success of the project, entrepreneurs and investors are seeking a feasibility study ready for their projects. There are several ways in which you can get a feasibility study ready.

But before you get it, you have the right to learn about the ready-made feasibility study.

What is a ready-made feasibility study?

There are a lot of ready-made feasibility studies available that you can easily get online, but having a ready-made feasibility study model will only harm your project and will not guarantee success. This is because each project is different from the rest of the projects and there are millions of ideas that are converted into projects in different sectors (industrial, agricultural, commercial and service – educational – health – tourism – and businesswomen) and each sector has characteristics that distinguish it from others, strengths and weaknesses, and put a different competition and it has developed different competition as well as a different target audience.

If you get a ready feasibility study model and then start applying it to your iron factory project and another investor who got the same model for his poultry farm project, what is the expected outcome? It is impossible to expect the success of the two projects mentioned above if a ready feasibility study model is applied to each of them, even if the two projects belong to the same sector, even if they have the same idea of the project but with different investors and capital. Each investor has his own thought, a goal they want to reach, a target audience, a capital and a geographical location that is totally different from the circumstances of another investor’s project. If you want to ensure success and harvest the fruits of your project, a comprehensive feasibility study is set up specifically for you.

The importance of obtaining a feasibility study prepared to your project:

The feasibility study that is prepared for a specific project is tailored to it and contains all the details of it, including:

  1. Economic feasibility study.
  2. Marketing feasibility study.
  3. Technical feasibility study.
  4. Financial feasibility study.
  5. A social feasibility study.
  6. Environmental feasibility study.

Based on the economic feasibility study, the economic resources of the project are allocated and the future vision of the project is determined, and the marketing study depends on the study of the market, supply and demand, competitive situation and the culture of the target customers, then the technical study that determines the  production method and equipment, and the financial study is based on the capital and the necessary financing and its sources, as well as the calculation of the cost and the expected return. The surrounding environment also affects the project and there is no doubt that the political and economic conditions of the country play a major role in the feasibility study of any project. and therein lies the risk of obtaining a project-ready feasibility study does not differ depending on the project or the circumstances of its country. If the feasibility study ignores all these variables, do you expect your project to succeed?

Ready-made feasibility study and the risks your project is exposed to:

You may find a ready feasibility study available online, and free of charge. But the result will be:

  • A general feasibility study that does not care about the environment surrounding the project and presents you with conditions that are not suitable for your project.
  • Financial analysis and inaccurate cost calculation, which reduces the cost of the study from its actual value.
  • Over-determination of investment returns by calculating huge profits that may be fictitious.

Thus, the ready-made study will not be feasible, and to ensure the success of the project you have to stay away from amateurs to avoid failure, and using a company specialized in the preparation of feasibility studies is sufficiently experienced and has scientific and practical methods in the preparation of the study.

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