the purpose of the cooperation agreement between “Mashroo3k ” and “Nava Office

both of His Excellency the CEO of the ((Nava Consulting))office: Mr. Nabil Faisal and His Excellency Managing Director of “Mashro3k” for Economic and Management Consultancy, Mr. Jalal Abu El-Nile signed a partnership and cooperation contract in providing economic and financial services in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and His Excellency Mr. Nabil Faisal stated that […]

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5 reasons for why the feasibility study is necessary for your project?

There are many reasons that make the feasibility study is necessary to start a successful investment. In this essay we will highlight 5 important reasons

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Porter’s Framework: 4 factors cause companies to be more competitive than others.

Porter’s Framework: It is also known as the Theory of National Competitive Advantage of Industries. It is diamond-shape framework that focus on explaining the reasons why certain industries are capable of competing on the international level within some countries while other industries not; also why certain companies are always capable of creation while others not?   […]

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نموذج بورتر: 4 عوامل قد تجعل بعض الشركات أكثر تنافسية من غيرها

نموذج بورتر: يعرف أيضًا باسم نظرية الميزة التنافسية الوطنية للصناعات، هو إطار على شكل ماسي يركز على شرح سبب قدرة صناعات معينة على التنافس داخل دولة معينة على المستوى الدولي، بينما قد لا تفعل صناعات أخرى ذلك، ولماذا تكون بعض الشركات في بعض البلدان قادرة على الابتكار المستمر، في حين أن شركات أخرى ليست كذلك؟ يقول […]

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Porter’s Framework: How not to start from scratch when creating a company?

Would you like to commence a business but you aren’t perfect in the prospective profitableness in industry, and you don’t like to start everything from scratch? Do you like to analyze the market, limit the competitive landscape, and specify the main competitors? You still strive to specify from where can you start?  Do you aspire […]

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Feasibility study VS Business plan

As for the feasibility study, it is to determine whether it will achieve success for a project or not if it is implemented on the real world. Therefore,

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“Mashroo3k ” is the international sponsor of the International Economic Forum and Exhibition in Jordan IJEX

Article elements: Introducing the first international economic forum and exhibition “IJEX” Contributions of the International Economic Forum and Exhibition Goals of the International Economic Forum and Exhibition About Mashro3k company The media role of Mashro3k company in the conference Visitors Participating majors Attached activities Participating method The first international economic forum and exhibition “IJEX” has […]

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A Ready – made feasibility study

The field of feasibility studies is one of the most important areas for entrepreneurs as it does no work except by preparing a comprehensive feasibility

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How do you get a feasibility study prepared specifically for your project?

The importance of preparing an economic feasibility study for a project. 6 points explaining the importance of a feasibility study for your project. The basic principles for preparing a successful economic feasibility study. The most important characteristics of economic feasibility study. The importance of preparing an economic feasibility study for a project: An economic feasibility […]

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