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مشروعك | Feasibility study requisition

Comprehensive Economic Feasibility Studies

Mashrooak company seeks to conduct feasibility studies and business plans, where the company carries out feasibility studies in the Arab market and the Middle East, and the company provides assistance to its clients of business people looking to carry out projects by providing a comprehensive economic feasibility study for all aspects of the project (marketing, technical and financial). As the feasibility study is one of the main steps that must be taken before proceeding with the implementation of any project, so that the project owner can know the validity of the investment decision in that field and the extent of the viability of this project in terms of profit or loss and when to recover the capital that invested in that project.

Economic feasibility studies

Economic feasibility studies are an indicator that gives the investor the green light to invest safely

Why choose Mashroo3k?

We specialize in providing economic and development consulting and solutions, in addition we have established more than 2000 projects in the Arab world by providing (feasibility studies – economic consulting – technical and executive consulting) in various sectors (industrial / commercial / service / health / plastic industry / building and construction / / Recycling / Foodstuffs / Education… etc.) Your Mashroo3k is concerned with businessmen, entrepreneurs, investors and fund seekers

  • We have a specialized team with great experience in the field of investment services
  • with the best new updates in the investment field in carrying out our business
  • Permanent Communication and follow-up with customers as well as the post go-live Services
  • Quantity is not our priority; our goal is to provide high quality services for business development


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Feasibility Study Content

  • Study of the idea of the project, its components, and its nature.
  • Study of the products, its specifications, characteristics, components, and features.
  • Study of the economic indicators of the project, its location, and the demographical indicators of the target market.
  • Study of the volume of demand, local production, and the volume of imports and exports of products provided by the project.
  •  Analyzing competitors, the marketing gap of the products, the project’s market share, and conducting a SWOT analysis of the nature of the project.
  •  Study of the marketing and promotional and the pricing and distribution plans for the project.
  • Study of the costs of machinery, equipment, fixtures, cars, and construction of the project.
  • Study of the production capacity, provide quotations for machines, equipment, and production lines, and studying the specifications of lines and their conformity to manufacture products.
  • sales commission, and direct and indirect salaries.
  • Study of the organizational structure of the project, and administrative structures and job descriptions for workers.
  • Study of the project’s investment costs, financing terms and financing structure.
  •  Study of the project revenues and revenue projections for the coming years.
  •  Study of the financial statements of the project during the life of the project from the financial position and the statement of income and cash flows.
  • Study the financial indicators of the project and its financial analysis
  • Study of the project’s sensitivity analysis.

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Communicating with the investor

Get data and information about the service

Submit the technical and financial offer

Signing contracts

Deliver the service to the concerned department

Prepare the service according to the technical offer

The audit stage

Post go-live Services

Follow-up service and technical support

Reviews of our customers

customers reviews about Mashroo3k and its services

Amal Abdul Mohsen Al-Qahtani-KSA

Amal Abdul Mohsen Al-Qahtani-KSA

You work is good. I recommend you to three persons who will contact you for their project feasibility study.

Ahmed Al-Mahfouz-UAE

Ahmed Al-Mahfouz-UAE

I am happy that you contacting me even after the study is done. It is really good step-for you to consider- for the company progress. I like the quality of your work

Jamil Siraj- KSA

Jamil Siraj- KSA

Thanks to all the stuff. The feasibility study is excellent. I am happy to work with a company with high standards

Hamed Al-Kaabi- UAE

Hamed Al-Kaabi- UAE

I am very happy to work with you. I appreciate that you contact me again after finishing the study. It was really good and fully accepted

Hamdan Rashid Al-Rashidi- Oman Sultanate

Hamdan Rashid Al-Rashidi- Oman Sultanate

I am very happy to contact you once more after I got my study done. It was really excellent. We will be contacting soon for another feasibility study for an international school.

Khalid bin Humaidan Al-Humaidan- KSA

Khalid bin Humaidan Al-Humaidan- KSA

Honestly, I would like to thank you for positive responding; the precision of the study of my project that you have been working on. Thanks for your quick responding and your neat behavior. Best regards

Meshal Issa Al-Mannai

Meshal Issa Al-Mannai

First, special thanks to Mashroo3k and all the stuff
For their welcoming and responding to all our comments Wish you all progress. God bless you. With all my respect and appreciation to everyone who contributed to the success and establishment of the subsidiary company to which the study was conducted by your company Mashrooak. Really all my respect and appreciation to you.

Maha- Qatar

Maha- Qatar

The feasibility study you works is really perfect. Thanks a lot. I am happy with it. You have done a great job!

Haitham Ahmed Al-Qanbar- KSA

Haitham Ahmed Al-Qanbar- KSA

Our company Al-mutamizon Lacum thanks Mashroo3k for carryout the feasibility study of our project and getting it done at the nearest time while being accurate and dedicated. We wish you always progress and success.

Muhammed Bin Ali

Muhammed Bin Ali

Really, it is great and do realistic. I like it. Thanks for your contacting with me once again even after the study was done.

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