Agricultural Development Fund

Fields of normal loans: Seeds, fertilizers, methods of fishing, machinery, pumps, tillers and their accessories – holes

Qatar Development Bank

The startups in the sectors of industry, education, health care and tourism are eligible for a loan

The Saudi industrial development fund

Financing the industrial projects in cities and promising regions. category- cities- the maximum period for financing, and the percentage of a loan

Social development Bank

The general conditions  for applying for a financing request are that the applicant is a Saudi national and can meet  the application requirements

Industrial Bank of Kuwait

The financing features: A fixed interest rate of 3.5% per year for the duration of the loan on the balance of the loan. Long term loans


Financing: the Fund provides partial or full funding in the form of a good loan for entrepreneurs ranging from 50.000 to 200000 OMR for any project that is approved

Bank Muscat

funding unit of small and medium-sized enterprises, provides credit facilities up to 250.000 OMR for  commercial institutions

Riyadh program

IRADA PROGRAM This program is intended to help youth who want to establish their own projects and have no precedent


The financing: Kafalah program  provides financing ranges from 100 thousands Riyals to 2 million Riyals

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