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About us

About us

We specialize in providing economic and development consulting and solutions, in addition we have established more than 2000 projects in the Arab world by providing (feasibility studies – economic consulting – technical and executive consulting) in various sectors (industrial / commercial / service / health / plastic industry / building and construction / / Recycling / Foodstuffs / Education… etc.) Mashroo3k is concerned with businessmen, entrepreneurs, investors, fund seekers and who desire to expand their investments to provide qualitative services helping them improve their corporations by advisors and experts, in all fields, who are ready to provide them with solutions to develop their current investments and establish new investments comply with international standards. The company constantly seeks to assign huge investment to reinforce and expand it knowledge scope with cooperation with authorities and personnel who are expert in financial and accounting fields as one of the most prominent economic and financial consulting company around the world.

Scope of Work

The implementation of the service passes through 10 stages from the service request to the “Follow-up service” and technical support in accordance with the applicable standards of work and ISO as well as the technical offer provided by the company to the customer within the pre-agreed upon period. Furthermore, the mechanism of implementation depends on the two main pillars which are the available options to the customer with the assistance, support and reconsideration of the investment decision, finance Corporation, support and funding requirements. The project is implemented according to the following steps and stages:

Submit a service request

Communicating with the investor

Get data and information about the service

Submit the technical and financial offer

Signing contracts

Deliver the service to the concerned department

Prepare the service according to the technical offer

The audit stage

post go-live Services

Follow-up service and technical support


To be a pioneering company for providing Consultations and developmental solutions in the establishment and development of investments with international standards.


To be a pioneering company for providing Consultations and developmental solutions in the establishment and development of investments with international standards.

Our Goals

Our Goals

  • To provide successful and unique investment opportunities
  • To provide all our services in the Arab world and Africa with the same professionalism and accuracy.
  • To provide an integrated and pioneering service system with competitive prices in all aspects related to the establishment and restructuring of companies, providing Consultations and business solutions.
  • To offer innovative products that satisfy and meet the current and future requirements of our customers.
  • To provide the best funding devices for our customers in cooperation with Finance Corporation and installment companies, allowing them to invest in fields that meet their needs.
  • To focus on the economic fluctuations in the countries, and decrease its impact on the investment environments. The company carefully takes into account this matter while providing its services.
  • To strive to implement the very international standards according to the latest methods in all types of investments, thus enhancing the competitiveness of our company and the integration of its services to our customers.
  • To establish a long-term relation with our customers; exploiting, for this purpose, all our potential, our capacity and our significant investment experience.


  • Professionalism: We are working hard to provide an integrated system of investment services based upon professional advice.
  • Commitment: Commitment towards our customers is our first priority. We adopt adherence to every detail of your business in terms of punctuality and accuracy.
  • Creativity and Innovation: All our operations are subject to the highest standards of performance control. We commit ourselves to providing creative and innovative solutions in the field of investment based on accumulated experience.
  • Accounting: In our business administration, we pursue methods that lead to our classification among the most accounting and auditing companies in the investment advisory sector.
  • Credibility: In all of our projects, we are committed to honesty in preparing and implementing businesses to prove that we are serious and reliable.
  • Excellence: We aim not only at customer satisfaction, but also at achieving results that lead to a real distinction that satisfies our customers..
Societal responsibility:

Societal responsibility:

Mashro3k seeks to enhance its role towards society through the implementation of a societal responsibility plan that includes activities and tasks related to multiple axes such as environmental preservation, awareness, education, and providing training and societal initiatives. By implementing such activities, the Company aims to activate the societal role, enhance the spirit of cooperation and initiative among employees and create a positive atmosphere with members of society and its institutions, which contributes to achieving harmony between the institution’s mission and its goals related to the health and safety of humans and environment, as well as the expectations of local community.

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