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“Mashroo3k ” is the international sponsor of the International Economic Forum and Exhibition in Jordan IJEX

“Mashroo3k ” is the international sponsor of the International Economic Forum and Exhibition in Jordan IJEX

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The first international economic forum and exhibition “IJEX” has its uniqueness and specialization in the industry and trade sector in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, seeking to make “IJEX” one of the best exhibitions in the Middle East and the world as a whole, where the global international forum includes all investors in Jordan and all of the Middle East , With the participation of some specialists and researchers from governmental and private organizations and agencies participating from the public and private sector from the participating countries (Saudi Arabia – Turkey – Ukraine – Morocco), which will be held by the technical advisory center with the Ukrainian Arab Commercial Council in Uker aafaq International Company for trade and business in Turkey and Jamal Asiri company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia from 15 to July 17, 2020.

Contributions of the International Economic Forum and Exhibition:

The first international economic forum and exhibition “IJEX” contributes to enhancing the flow of investments with policy makers, business leaders, regional and international investors, businessmen, academics and eminent experts, and access to the leading international experiences of exchanging experts in the field of modern technologies and their applications aimed at facing challenges related to regional conditions and emerging changes and achieving global security This is because of the importance of providing an opportunity for planners and decision makers in industrial and commercial policies in the region to discuss effective policies with the participation of a large number of ministers, banks and financial institutions Investment promotion agencies, international institutions and individual investors.

Goals of the International Economic Forum and Exhibition:

  1. Promoting and identifying opportunities, climate and investment fields in Jordan and participating countries.
  2. strengthening of investment flows in and outside Jordan in light of political and economic developments.
  3. Achieving the advancement of the Jordanian international industrial and commercial sector.
  4. Promotion of the leading industrial sectors in and outside Jordan.
  5. Encouraging investments in various sectors in cooperation with governmental and private agencies in friendly Arab and sister countries.

About Mashro3k company:

Mashro3k company is a company specialized in providing consulting, economic, technical, executive and development solutions in various sectors. The company has established more than 2000 projects in the Arab world by providing economic consultations and feasibility studies, Mashro3k company targets businessmen, project owners, investors, finance seekers and those who want to increase their investments to provide various services that help them progress in their institutions, Mashro3k company also aims to provide an integrated and pioneering services system at competitive prices in everything related to establishing companies and restructuring them and providing consulting and business solutions.

Mashro3k company`s role in the conference:

Mashro3k company, economic and administrative consultancy company, is pleased to contribute to the International Economic Exhibition in Jordan (IJEX) as the international sponsor of the exhibition in Egypt, by developing an internal and external media and marketing strategy to market the exhibition with a comprehensive and elaborate advertising campaign with advanced methods and methods within Jordan, Egypt, the Middle East region and countries of the entire world through websites and pages The social networking of the exhibition, in an effort to expand investment activity in the Arab region and to participate and support all international economic exhibitions and forums as a pioneering institution in the fields of Investment and economic consulting.


The first International Economic forum and exhibition “AJEX” has the honor to visit:

  1. Businessmen who are interested in the exhibition sectors in the participating disciplines.
  2. The managers of companies that work in sectors relating to exhibition that located in Jordan. Middle east countries and all countries all over the world
  3. Arab and foreign experts who are specialist in various sectors of exhibition
  4. Commercial representatives and envoys of the embassies in Jordan and Jordanian embassies outside Jordan.
  5. All institutions, unions, associations, agencies, ministries, private and governmental, local and international organizations.
  6. Teaching staff and college students related to the economic exhibition in the Jordanian University, neighboring countries and the rest of the world countries

Participating majors:

  • Construction and building services
  • The services of environment and renewable energy
  • Insurance services
  • Education and training services
  • Media and marketing services
  • Tourism and travel services
  • Stationery services
  • the services of commercial car show
  • The services of transportations and distribution
  • Wholesale and retail services
  • Communication and media services
  • Textile industries
  • Financial, banking and real estate services
  • Engineering and Electronics Services
  • Industrial equipment services
  • Mining industries
  • Packaging industries
  • Typographical and stationery services
  • Food industries
  • Dubbing and leather industries
  • Industries and medical supplies
  • Chemical and cosmetics industries
  • Engineering, electrical and information technology industries
  • Plastics and rubber industries
  • Labor and handicrafts industries
  • Wood and furniture industries

Attached activities

  • Opening Ceremony
  • International Economic Forum with the participation of specialists and researchers from governmental and private organizations and bodies participating from the public and private sectors from participating countries (Saudi Arabia – Turkey – Ukraine)
  • Closing ceremony and distribution of shields and prize prizes
  • Other activities

Participating method

International market

Minimum booking space 12m Price 300 USD including sales tax.

Fully equipped suite:

1 table 2 chair lighting the company name in Arabic and English + (advertisement in the exhibition guide)

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