Company and Institutions assessment service

Company and Institutions assessment service

Service description:

Through stock exchange experts and Gulf financial markets, the company provides evaluation services for companies and institutions, whether the purpose of the evaluation is to put the company in the financial markets or to know its value for sale or to introduce partners, and Mashroo3k has provided this service to its customers in order to provide all the tools necessary for the success of their projects and as the company has returned its customers to quality of services, high quality and competitive prices.  

Steps of the evaluation process :

The evaluation process is based on eight major steps starting with review of all the papers and budgets of the establishment under the evaluation, through an analysis of the macroeconomic indicators of the country of its establishment, from development indicators, inflation rates, employment and unemployment indicators, etc. to find out the expected development  assumption in the country and then an analysis process for the industry to find out industry’s development opportunities itself and the strengths and weaknesses therein, and then enter the details of the financial analysis of the establishment so that the reader knows the details of the company and the extent of its profitability and the strength of its financial

Methods of the evaluation process :

After reaching the future financial expectations, the company shall prepare a Financial Position Assessment model to meet the fair value by applying the best evaluation method that suits the enterprise. It is worth mentioning that there are various evaluation methods can be used including, but not limited to:

The are many evaluations methods- only one or two will be chosen as per the nature of institution.

Those benefiting from the service:

All companies types, corporations, factories, and  small projects

Geographical cope of service: 

(All Arab countries)

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