Prepare non-performing project studies

Prepare non-performing project studies
  • Conduct SWOT ANALYSIS of the company and identify the most important competitive advantages and supporting the continuation of markets.
  • Specify the most reasons lead to company failure and stumbling and reasons of low economic returns.
  • Studying the size and value of current assets in terms of book value and market value)after the company has identified an expert in the valuation business to perform this task).
  • Use modern financial instruments to re-engineer assets in light of the company’s financial needs.
  • Proposing optimal funding structure for the project and other sources of funding and the cost of each source.
  • Create a strong banking file for banking transactions.
  • Negotiate with the banking system on the restructuring and pricing of credit granted to the company.
  • Study the current stuff structure and define lines of authority and responsibility thereof.
  • A study of the suitability of the size, number and quality of existing employees in the company in view of the size of the company and its economic returns.
  • Policies to reduce risk within the company and its impact on decision-making.
  • Reconstruction and evaluation of the functional structure according to the nature of the industry.
  • Study of the profitability of the establishment according to the following:
  1. risk-free rate of return
  2. Financing cost
  3. opportunity cost
  4. Competitive companies revenue
  5. Study the available and Exploited productive capacities and Study  the gap between them
  6. Prepare an integrated financial study of the proposed scenario
  7. Recommendations of the study

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