Providing studies and marketing research

Providing studies and marketing research

Where the following is studied

  • Evaluate and estimate the size of target markets in terms of current and projected supply and demand up to a 10-year term.
  • Develop a time plan to providing products on the market and assess the needs of the marketing plan.
  • Strategies and policies to providing products  in targeted markets.
  • Provide survey statements of market need for these products especially for new products.
  • To provide survey statements to assess client opinions for specific products.
  • Study the competitive advantages of the products, subject of the study and compare them with alternative, complementary and similar products.
  • Evaluate the economic situations of markets and estimate the most important risks in these markets.
  • Analysis of critical success factors in the company, subject of the study.
  • Estimated the prices of products offered in the market in light of the current competition volume.
  • Study and analysis of competitors  from the field visits of companies in terms of production and exports and future plans.
  • To analyze the Porter model of the market.
  • Specify market success factors for the target project.
  • Recommendations of the study.

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