Services of production lines

Services of production lines

Those benefiting from the service:

All kinds of companies, corporations and factories

Description of the service and works carried out:

  • Providing a study to compare production lines and preparing a report (technical – financial) on productive capacity.
  • Providing a comparative study between production lines in terms of maintenance and provision of alternatives.
  • Providing production lines for factories and producing machines) for all types of factories – hospitals – clinics – factories – agricultural land (
  • The history of production lines includes an explanation of their presence in the current projects, especially in the Arab world.
  • Showing more than 3 types of production lines with a comparison of production capacity and prices.
  • A study of the needs for preparing the land and its cost for installing production lines.
  • An overview of the date of maintenance of production lines and the timing of shipment and installation.
  • A study on the life expectancy of such lines and the ways of developing them in the future.
  • A study on the cost of production for each individual line and raw materials for production.
  • A study on the best way to distribute production lines in factories and occupied areas .
  • The final cost of production lines,  size of labor, expected revenue and expected profit.
  • Recommendations based on results.

Geographical scope of service:

(All Arab countries)

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