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the purpose of the cooperation agreement between “Mashroo3k ” and “Nava Office

the purpose of the cooperation agreement between “Mashroo3k ” and “Nava Office

both of His Excellency the CEO of the ((Nava Consulting))office: Mr. Nabil Faisal and His Excellency Managing Director of “Mashro3k” for Economic and Management Consultancy, Mr. Jalal Abu El-Nile signed a partnership and cooperation contract in providing economic and financial services in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and His Excellency Mr. Nabil Faisal stated that it is time to provide real and effective tools for all investors to build successful investments and based on scientific and global rules to build a strong economic community, and he also explained that small and finite projects is the true nucleus of a prosperous economy, so urging young people and entrepreneurs to move forward in implementing their ideas and dreams has become a necessity and must be taken care of by consultative institutions and companies, stressing that this cooperation will lead to work Pioneering and distinguished customer services, on the other hand, His Excellency the Chairman of Mashro3k company Mr. Rami Shaalan, expressed his gratitude and thanks for signing this agreement hoped that this cooperation will be an effective contribution in advancing the investment in the near future

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