The State of Qatar has succeeded in developing the relatively limited agricultural sector through Protected agriculture and modern irrigation systems. The government also supports a number of initiatives, including:

  • Agricultural Statistics Project
  • Development of many irrigation and water control systems
  • Implementation of the agricultural sciences program at Qatar University

The indicator of the agricultural production sector in the State of Qatar includes the following:

  • The Gross Domestic Product of the agricultural production sector
  • Land use in the State of Qatar (Hectare)
  • Area under cultivation different crops (Hectare)
  • Number of fruitful and fruitless fruit trees 2015
  • The production and area for all crops
  • The amount of plant production\ton
  • The production of meat and fish\ton
  • The production of living chicken and eggs
  • The dairy production\ton
  • The number of herds of livestock
  • The amounts of fresh fish that are available in the local market\ton

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