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About the Initiative Project

Financing mobile POS

Financing mobile POS

The Bank offers through this funding tool a support to citizens of both gender to establish microenterprises in field of mobile POS with a financing amounting up to 250 thousand Riyals.

Project Application


    • The applicant shall be of Saudi nationality.
    • Age: The applicant shall be over 21 and under 65 years old.
    • The applicant shall not apply for two request for funding of the bank funding programmmes.
    • Qualifications: The applicant shall hold, at least, secondary degree (thanawaya amaa’) or equivalent.
    • The applicant shall be unoccupied to operate their own project or appoint an experienced qualified Saudi manager.
    • The financial and credit status of the applicant shall enable them to fund the project.
    • The applicant shall fill the application sheet of each programme and shall meet the other requirements relevant to the bank assessments process. (Professional activities: Specialized degree or one-year experience; whatsoever the bank accepts. Commercial and service activities: Passing the interview)
    • To be listed the projects that the bank provides funding.
    • To add value to national economy.
    • For the project, to be new or under construction (has not been operated for more than three years)
    • The funding amount shall not exceed 250,000 Riyals
    • To offer payment guarantee at least 50% of the bank funding.
    • To pay services charges.
    • Pass the interview.


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