About the Initiative Project

Land Loan program

Land Loan program

This program enables the investor to request for industrial fund including allocating a piece of land for industrial investment through standardized request in partnership with Saudi Industrial Development Fund; Economic Cities and Special Zones Authority (ECZA); King Abdullah Economic City as one industrial entity.

Project Application


    • Valid industrial licensing
    • A thorough and updated economic feasibility study.
    • Meeting all the requirement of the loan application form (the e-application).
    • The industrial sector shall have a commercial impact at local markets.
    • The project owner shall authorize the project representative to revise fund by submitting a copy of his ID card.
    • At least one competitive offer for raw materials and mobilization.
    • At least one competitive offer for the project needs of main manufacturing areas.
    • Architectural drawings represent the general outline for the project and buildings areas and its dimensions in addition to manufacturing equipment areas inside the factory.
    • The audited financial data for the last three years (In case that the project is under operation).


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