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About the Initiative Project

The objective of regular financing

The objective of regular financing

It is to finance the small and medium-scale projects of Kafalah Program in cooperation with bank with a fund up to 10 million Riyals.

Project Application


    • The establishment is to have the budget audited.
    • The establishment shall have its legal entity (Unincorporated- joint- limited liability- limited partnership).
    • There is no any negative feedback for previous transactions with this bank or any other banks.
    • The establishment has to be economically, financially, technically, administratively productive.
    • The establishment sales/ overall deposits shall be less than 30 million SAR .
    • To submit a copy of ID card.
    • To submit a copy of commercial register.
    • To submit a copy of professional license.
    • To submit a copy of audited balances for the last three years (For the ongoing projects).
    • To submit title documents (for property, cars, machine, and equipment).
    • To submit any documents deemed necessary by the bank.


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