Feasibility study of Animal feed factory

The project is a plant for the production of animal fodder, where the plant produces and manufactures livestock fodder and convert it from the raw  form as raw material to the appropriate shape and size to be suitable for direct consumption with the development of some additions to these materials to promote growth and compensate the livestock for missing nutrients to obtain the appropriate size and weights required for the market, where the factory produces concentrated fodder, integrated feed, and coarse and improved one. The plant aims to produce full fodder mixtures that provide the food needs for the herds of livestock. The factory produce all kinds of fodder to meet the needs of livestock. The fodder composition is made by specialists in livestock feed. Moreover, the factory will buy and analyze raw materials chemically and in form, as well as the analysis of the fodder produced in order to test its quality.

The factory will use the latest technological means used in the production of livestock fodder. The project is one of the important projects in the field of food security, which is based mainly on the agricultural production for the industry of fodder. Therefore, the fodder production is one of the projects used in dairy farms and broiler farms, (such as barley, maize, oat, white maize and rice), by-products of grains (wheat-bran, maize-bran and rice-bran), and molasses (sugar cane molasses and sugar beet molasses)

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