Feasibility study of an insulator bricks factory

The project is a factory for manufacturing and producing insulator bricks with different sizes (40 * 20 * 20 cm and 39 * 24 * 19 cm). An insulator brick is characterized by many advantages as it is light, strong, solid, thermal insulation, noise insulation and has a little absorption of moisture.


The project’s importance arises from the continuous demand of insulator bricks and the great jump in different industrial and residential fields because of the existent structural development and renaissance in which the constitutional field needs insulator bricks. That development leaded to an increasing demand of the factory’s products. The plenty in the required raw materials increases the opportunity of stability in production processes of these products. The project aims at achieving the requirements and needs of the region because of the large structural development and benefiting from all sustainable development. The project targets the local market such as (construction companies – construction – contractors).

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