The feasibility study of Physiotherapy clinic

The project is a physiotherapy clinic. It serves the disabled elderly, disabled children with cerebral paralysis, playground injuries, dysfunction, adults, youngster and women motor dysfunction, obesity and thinness as well as obesity programs for children and adults by sportive curve programs and women antenatal and post-partum programs.
All these services are provided through the best technology and in the highest standards and best levels of quality in order to compete local rehabilitation and physiotherapy clinics and to meet the demand and increasing consumption of health services, especially rehabilitation and physiotherapy.
Physiotherapy and iatrophysics are medical fields that are concerned with providing a natural treatment for body physical functions and motor performance using physical methods such as heat property, cold property, electric properties and therapeutic exercises. Additionally, physiotherapy is the art of dealing with body for improving its health state and preventing future injuries occurrence by understanding and studying the body moves. This includes an assessment and treatment for the intensity of pains and correcting perishable parts.

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