Report on the volume of investment in Makkah, Saudi Arabia, within Arabia the framework of the General Investment Authority’s strategy to stimulate and encourage investment in the thirteen regions of the Kingdom and focus in particular on supporting investment in the less developed regions,  your Mashrooak company is pleased to provide specialized economic reports for the year 2016 to those interested and officials in the regions to provide a close-up picture It is a fact for every region in front of the decision makers to help develop investments in these regions.

The economic report includes the following points:

  • The Kingdom’s economic growth indicators
  • The main and specific economic objectives of the vision of the Kingdom by 2030
  • The reality and prospects for development in Makkah
  • Transport sector
  • Energy sector
  • Education sector
  • Health sector
  • Economic activities in Makkah
  • The most important economic indicators for establishments, according to the economic activity of 2012
  • Some projects in Makkah
  • Investment incentives
  • The advantages and incentives of investing in industrial cities in the Kingdom

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