Chocolate is one of the consumer products, which is directly linked to the consumer preferences and tastes besides being widely accepted throughout the year and are increasing in seasons and events. The show offers many different kinds of chocolates, which are continuously increasing in demand, and chocolate is considered one of the important and necessary pastimes, as it is consumed daily by children and young people. The project is characterized by the use of the best production lines used in the chocolate industry, the latest technology and the best techniques. The best modern management techniques are followed and a distinct advertising and marketing plan is developed, so that the factory can compete with local producers and meet the growing demand for chocolates of its various types. And Chocolate is used in many market sectors such as Sector of wholesale and retail stores, hypermarkets and hypermarkets. Chocolates with all its kinds are products with very high consumption rates. The project targets many sectors such as supermarkets, hypermarkets, wholesale and retail stores.

The Industrial study of Chocolate Factory in Qatar

  • Study the description of the project, its products and its nature
  • Study the economic indicators of the project, its location and demographic indicators in the target market
  • Study the volume of demand, local production, and the volume of imports and exports of products provided by the project
  • Analyzing competitors, the marketing gap of products, the project’s market share, and doing a SWOT analysis of the nature of the project
  • The marketing and promotional plan and pricing and distribution plan for the project

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