The project is to establish a factory for preparing and packing vegetables in packs such as (mixed vegetables packs/ Peas and carrots/ Okra / Molokhia / Green Beans / Peas / Taro). The factory target sectors are Hospitals, health clinics, hotels, tourist villages, hypermarkets, supermarkets and restaurants, as the factory aims to packing vegetables through utilizing the available resources, employment of labor, producing high-quality products, Maintaining a competitive price level enables the project to obtain its target share and Contributing to cover part of the growing demand for vegetables . Besides the use of the latest technologies in the field of packing vegetables and labor training.

The Industrial study of packing vegetables factory in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia

  • Study the description of the project, its products and its nature
  • Study the economic indicators of the project, its location and demographic indicators in the target market
  • Study the volume of demand, local production, and the volume of imports and exports of products provided by the project
  • Analyzing competitors, the marketing gap of products, the project’s market share, and doing a SWOT analysis of the nature of the project
  • The marketing and promotional plan and pricing and distribution plan for the project

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