The project is to establish a project for packing and processing tea. The factory produces (Green tea, White tea, herbal tea, all types of black tea), targets the wholesale and retail sectors, supermarkets, hypermarkets and pharmacies and aims achieve tea and all its kinds self-sufficiency. The factory aims to employ labor and improve their socio-economic levels. Optimal use of project resources and assets and Maintaining a competitive price level that enables the project to obtain its target share Contributing to cover part of the growing demand for Tea. The factory is equipped with the latest production technology and will be supplied with the latest machinery and modern technological equipment for packaging tea. Depending on experts and highly qualified technicians, raw materials, quality assurance and other features.

The industrial Study of tea packing in the Sultanate of Oman

  • Study the description of the project, its products and its nature
  • Study the economic indicators of the project, its location and demographic indicators in the target market
  • Study the volume of demand, local production, and the volume of imports and exports of products provided by the project
  • Analyzing competitors, the marketing gap of products, the project’s market share, and doing a SWOT analysis of the nature of the project
  • The marketing and promotional plan and pricing and distribution plan for the project

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