The project is a factory for damaged tires recycling to extract metal wires and different kinds of rubber granules and powders; 0-0.5 mm, 0.5-1 mm, 1-2 mm and 2-3 mm that are indispensable in the Stadiums and sports activity grounds, parks, resorts, hospital corridors grounds, in vehicles and tires industry and others.  Also in asphaltic mixes, adhesives, building materials, rubber and plastic industries and building floors. This project is a solution for a serious problem which is the accumulation of unserviceable car tires and converting them into recycled rubber powder for the establishment of local rubber industry. The factory also produces metal wires which can be sold in scrap market to achieve high added value and great rate of return. The project aims to receive and treat tires garbage ,exploit their contents as much as possible, get rid of tires with environmentally sound methods, curb the land occupation for garbage burial and protect environment from pollution.

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