The service sector represents an important part of the economy, but the service sector represents the largest part of the global economy, and the service sector is an industry and knowing that it is concerned with producing services instead of tangible goods such as: Cars, airplanes, machinery and equipment;  the service sector is the sector that is interested in providing service to people, such as banking services, communications, wholesale and retail trade, engineering services, medicine, tourism and non-profit economic activities Such as customer services, and government services that include development and defense of the country and the maintenance of internal and external security.

This can be achieved as follows:

  • To prepare studies and research related to the commercial sector
  • To propose amendments to the regulations and instructions that the committee deems to be in the public interest and submit it to the competent authorities to consider amending it.
  • To provide information related to the commercial sector.
  • To support programs to create a new network for transferring information or the so-called technology industry in the Kingdom, and adapt it to serve the local commercial sector
  • To discuss the problems of the sector in light of the comments received from the specific committees in the chambers of commerce or from the competent authorities
  • To increase the contribution of the commercial sector in order for serving Saudi society, and increasing the percentage of the contribution of skilled national workers in this sector.
  • To intensify the meetings of Saudi businessmen, and to encourage participation in Arab and international meetings
  • Close recognizing for the results of signing the Kingdom’s accession agreement to the World Trade Organization

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